We know what’s going on in your mind and believe or not every other person has this same concern that the online tax return filing is a headache and a very painful lengthy process. Well that’s for what we are here. We made the process very simple and yes we have a team of highly dedicated professional who’ll be guiding and answering all of your questions until you are completely satisfied.One of our core objective is to handle all the headache of our clients and provide them relax and peaceful environment so they can focus on more productive activities rather to waste their time on these side activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can search in the FAQs section below and you should find your answer. But in case you don’t find the answer to your problem, please feel free to contact our team. We will be more than happy to address your concerns.

Frequently Answered Questions


1. Why you should choose domytaxonline?

DoMyTaxOnline offers a simple and easy method to complete your tax returns online. While there are other services available (such as the one from the ATO) online, most of them do not perform any checks or reviews before sending them to the ATO. We at DoMyTaxOnline review every single application before submitting it to the ATO. We also contact you where necessary to discuss any changes or provide recommendations to maximise your returns.

2. What is the difference between online tax return and old ways?

Online tax helps people to complete their tax returns within the comfort of their homes and at a time which suits them best. The old ways of lodging tax returns (such as through a Tax agent) requires you to book an appointment (during business hours) and provide all details in one go. Lodging a tax return through an agent is generally more expensive than online lodgements. The main advantage of lodging tax through an agent is the ability to discuss your details with them. However even this issue has been addressed on some online tax portals such as DoMyTaxOnline, where tax lodgements are reviewed by a qualified tax agent before lodgement.

3. How much does a tax return cost?

Traditional tax return lodgements through an agent generally range anywhere from $100 to up to $1000 (or more) depending on the type (personal, business, investment, trust etc) and complexity. DoMyTaxOnline cost is very reasonable from $19.99 to 49.99, depending on your circumstances. Please refer to our home page for price guidelines.

4. How i lodge my tax return at domytaxonline?

Lodging your tax return on DoMyTaxOnline is simple and easy. All you need to do is choose the right option that suits you and complete the application form. The flow and layout of the application has been designed to make it easy for people to understand and complete the form. 'Help buttons' with detailed explanation for complicated questions are also provided to help users comprehend them.

Once you submit the application, a qualified tax agent will review the details and contact you, if any mistakes are found or if they see opportunities to maximise your returns. Tax return will only be lodged once you are comfortable with any changes made to the application.

5. If i did some mistakes in answering some of the fields and know after submitting the form then how to fix that mistake?

You have to provide correct tax details and bank details, to calculate and transfer the tax refund. You can login in and update the data, if you have entered incorrect data before lodging the tax returns to ATO. Additional charges apply to amend or make corrections after submitting tax returns. Additional charges will be decided on case by case basis.

Aussie Tax Back Pty Ltd will not take any responsibility, if incorrect bank details are provided. There no way we can reverse the payment. We can request ATO and Bank to reverse the transaction on your behalf. Our charges to deal with bank to reverse transaction are $50 for every 15 mins with no guaranty of result.

6. What is the duration in which we get a refund?

The usual timeframe for processing of tax lodgements from the ATO is about 2 weeks. However during peak time (July to Sept), it could take up to 3 weeks to receive your refunds

7. How to pay your fee if I don’t have a credit card?

Currently this is the only way we accept credit card. It is alright to use your friends or family member’s credit card as long as you obtain permission from them.

8 Is my personal information secure with this website?

At DoMyTaxReturn, we take extreme care to ensure that the information you provide to us is secure and not accessible to anyone other than the intended parties. Controls are in place to ensure the privacy and security of the information on our servers